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Chasing Dreams

       Growing up I always had a passion for life. In my eyes, living, being adventurous, traveling and following your heart was all that life was about. I was known for being a wild soul with an adventurous spirit. There was no trip or adventure too crazy for me. However, most of that changed when I was knee deep in nursing school four years ago. My days included me staying up late, forcing myself to understand concepts that were so advanced, rushing to clinical rotations only to be frustrated over and over again. I had survived nursing school and was facing the world in search of a career I only thought I had wanted. If only I had known that there was a bigger plan for me. If only I had known that there was something out there that could make me happy and passionate about life again. After graduating I worked as hard as I could to be the best possible nurse that I could be, but I had no drive. I became burnt out before I had even started. It seemed as if all the life was sucked out of me. I had lost so much of my spark for life and had no desire to do much of anything until I decided to pick up my camera again.

       With my camera and a new sense of excitement, I connected with co-workers and did some family portraits for them. I began to build this idea that I could do this for a living. I could share this love of art and my creative soul with others. I began to reach out to engaged couples and many more reached out to me. My heart and soul were filled with so much joy and love that I just did not want it to go away. Since then, I’ve decided to hold on tight to my camera and never let go! haha I am living the dream! Many people simply do not understand why I left a field as “fulfilling” as nursing, but for me, it was an easy choice. I was not myself while I was nursing. I had lost my sense of adventure, my love for life and my passion for art. Photography has saved me…

       In life we often become comfortable. We find a steady job, we build a family, we have our friends, but not often enough do we stand up for ourselves. We don’t believe we deserve more or deserve happiness. We lose our sense of adventure the older we get. Without a sense of adventure a passion for our craft, are we truly living? I find that with my camera, I am an I have the opportunity to chase adventure and also tell someone else’s story. With my camera in hand I can help show the world and tell them about your biggest adventure!! 

Colorado Sunset

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