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That Beautiful Kind of Love

      The best kind of love is the kind that you can just feel. No one has to even say the words “I love you” for you to simply know. To believe you are loved. You can feel the energy of two people in love fill a room. You can see it in their eyes. The way they look at each other is beyond anything that could be described in words. If you have never felt this type of love, you long for it when you see others who have found it. Why is it so hard for many of us to find? I think this is why I love wedding, engagement and elopement photography so much. The energy and the love seen between a newly engaged couple is electric! To be able to capture those moments, the looks, the sweet gentle kisses between the couple is what drives me to be better at what I do. Those candid moments can’t ever be replicated and I have the privilege to capture those moments to ultimately share with the world. To hopefully provide to the world this sense of hope that we all can find this love. That this connection truly exists in the world. 

     But back to my initial question, why is it so hard for many of us to find? I think that we all have the capacity to love each other so deeply and so passionately yet we tend to be close minded. Some of us will reject others based on looks, or their hobbies, or based off their initial interaction with a new person. By rejecting them we have closed a door to finding that person we are meant to be with. Many of us become close minded to certain opportunities. I believe that in order to find that tremendous love we must be open mind and allow ourselves to give into what may be a bigger plan. However, if we continue to be close minded and reject potential opportunities we could be losing out on this lifetime of electric love that so many of us crave. 

     So I urge you to try something new. Be open minded. Allow the world around you to speak to you and allow yourself to read what the world is telling you. Be spontaneous and a little crazy. Try something new and allow yourself to not prejudge people before you get to know them. Be open to the opportunity to love deeply. 

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